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(1999 – 2009)

-          National conference “Moldovan Broadcasting at Millennium’s Crossroads” (October 1999);

-          Seminar on regulating public and commercial broadcasting (May 2000);

-          Project “Electronic Press: International Regulations” having consisted from translating into Romanian a series of international acts envisaging the broadcasting sector and from publishing a bilingual version (Romanian – English) of the volume “Treaties of the Council of Europe”, of the volume “The Legislation of the USA” and 5 volumes of “Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe” (2000 – 2001);

-          Awareness and promotion campaign for Recommendation Rec (2000)23 of the Committee of Ministers to the Member-States on the independence and functions of broadcasting regulating authorities (2001);

-          Drafting and promoting in the Moldovan Parliament 2 draft laws: the Law on the National Public Broadcasting Institution and the Broadcasting Law, both getting the expertise of the Council of Europe (2002);

-          Project “Creating and coordinating the network of producing, broadcasting and exchanging programs” on the basis of 5 community radio stations (2003 – 2005);

-          Monitoring the work of the company “Teleradio-Moldova” in the process of transforming the state company into a public service (2004 – 2005);

-          Drafting the Concept of covering the electoral campaign by broadcasting media (2004 – 2005);

-          Project “Organizing and presenting TV debates” (2004 – 2005);

-          Publishing a practical guide on a radio business (2004);

-          Drafting the Law on the Local Public Broadcasting Institution in the project “Examining the national broadcasting law” (2004 – 2005);

-          Submitting 3 draft laws to the parliament, adjusted as recommended by experts from the Council of Europe (May 2005);

-          National seminar “Balance and impartiality in newscasts and current affairs programs of the public radio and television services” (September 2005);

-          Seminar “Development of the national broadcasting and adjusting the legal regulating frame to European standards” (April 2006);

-          Seminar “The radio and Television Public Service: insuring editorial independence and institutional autonomy” (June 2006);

-          Seminar “Regulations and self-regulations in broadcasting (December 2006);

-          Seminar “Mass-media and elections” (April 2007);

-          Drafting the Broadcaster Conduct Code (2007);

-          Project “Monitoring the implementation of the Broadcasting Code’s provisions” (2007 – 2009);

-          Conference “The Public Broadcasting and the Independent Studios: values of cooperation” (May 2008)

-          Seminar “National and European Ethical Standards in Broadcasting” (September 2008);

-          Seminar on the independence and functions of the broadcasting regulating authorities (November 2008);

-          Seminar on the independence and functions of the Observers Council of the National Public Broadcasting Institution, the company “Teleradio-Moldova” (November 2008);

-          Project “Monitoring the political/electoral actors’ presence on the main TV channels during the pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral period of the 2009 parliamentary elections” (2008 – 2009);

-          Seminar on the independence and functions of the Observers Council of the Regional Public Broadcasting Institution, the company “Teleradio-Gagauzia” (March 2009);

-          Training at “Teleradio-Gagauzia” on media’s responsibilities and professionalism (March 2009);

-          Public debates on the experience acquired in covering the electoral race by Moldovan TV stations “Lessons learnt, lessons to learn” (June 2009).

The achievement of the above-mentioned activities was possible due to the support offered by a series of donors as the Council of Europe, the Delegation of the European Commission to Moldova, the Soros Moldova - Foundation, the Governments of France and Germany, the US Embassy, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen e.V. (ifa), etc. Holding the conferences, seminars, training courses was done with the participation of one of several foreign experts coming from France, Belgium, UK, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia.

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