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The NationalPublic Broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova” stagnates in the processof aligning to professional standards, dictated by the broadcastinglaw and ethical norms, finds the monitoring report compiled by 10media and human rights NGOs, under the aegis of the APEL ElectronicPress Association, concerning the way in which the provisions of theBroadcasting Code are applied.

Th resultsof monitoring the news programs of the National Public BroadcastingInstitution “Teleradio-Moldova” from June 30 to July 6, 2008,point out the public is informed preponderantly from a single source (the official one, as a rule) by violating the principle ofequidistance, over 40% of stories and news reports have a partialcharacter, as half of them bear a laudatory character, thus violatingthe principle of equidistance and impartiality in covering events.The monitors also find that the key actors (the first three statedignitaries) were offered wide coverage, while the opinion of theparliamentary and extra-parliamentary opposition have not beenmirrored at all.

Themonitoring results also show the regional public broadcaster“Teleradio-Gagauzia” is tergiversating the application of theBroadcasting Code, the Broadcasting Law of the Gagauz Autonomy andthe Broadcaster Behavior Code. The monitored news stories and reportslargely do not yet correspond to professional requirements: most ofthe reports are produced using a single source; no wide scope ofpluralism and opinion diversity is insured; the partial reports andnews stories have an enhanced quota. At the same time, the monitorsfind that the news programs in Romanian have been ousted from theprogram schedule of the regional public broadcaster, what representsa serious violation of the Broadcasting Code.

Supervisingthe mode in which the broadcasting law is implemented and observed isdepicted by two case studies. The first one deals with supervisingthe activity of the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) by theMoldovan Parliament bydebating on the BCC's annual report.In the experts' opinion , the Parliament has obliged the BCC todevelop a measures program to optimizeits activities, as well as the activity of all the Moldovanbroadcasters, contrary to the law,since such a program should be conditioned by the Parliament'srejection of the report, what has not happened. The second case studyenvisages the Task-Book ofTeleradio-Moldova for 2009.Because of the inconsistency of the document, the experts recommendthe BCC to return the draft Task-Book to Teleradio-Moldova foressential editing, especially in order to avoid the risk ofcensorship/self-censorship and of substituting journalism with imagebuilding.


Themedia- and human rights-dealing NGOs, under APEL’s aegis, aremonitoring the practical application of the provisions of theBroadcasting Code. The project implementing team is made up ofexperts and consultants from the civil society: the Association ofIndependent Lawyers, the Independent Press Association, theIndependent TV Journalists Association, the Acces-Info Center, theIndependent Journalism Center, the Press Freedom Committee, theCommittee for the Defense of Human and Professional Rights, theLawyers for Human Rights, the Journalists Union, OWH-Studio.

Throughthe project “Monitoring the implementation of the BroadcastingCode”, financed by the Soros Foundation-Moldova, one pursues toinstitute a mechanism of public control over the mode in which theMoldovan Broadcasting Law is being applied.

Chisinau,July 24, 2008

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