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The Electronic Press Association from Moldova (APEL) is a non-governmental, apolitical and non-profit organization, aiming to contribute to the development of the Moldovan broadcasting on the basis of democratic practices. Founded in 1999 (registration certificate issued by the Justice Ministry no. 1081 of 30 July 1999), APEL now has 35 associated members (radio stations, TV channels, the Journalism and Communication Sciences Faculty of Moldova’s State University, etc.) as well as individuals. 

In order to achieve its main objective, APEL works on 4 key planes:

  • Defending broadcasters’ legitimate interests

-          Representing the interests of the associated members in their relationships with public authorities and other institutions dealing with the broadcasting sector;

-          Supporting the effective development of radio and television outlets through different actions aiming to encourage the production of quality programs in the public’s interest by the local broadcasters;

-          Organizing training courses and workshops to professionally prepare managers and journalists from local radio and television stations.

  • Promoting professional standards, universally recognized, in broadcasting and monitoring the mode in which the legal provisions and the ethical norms are respected

-          Monitoring the enforcement of the broadcasting laws, including by compiling case studies for concrete situations;

-          Monitoring the work of the company “Teleradio-Moldova” in the process of its transformation into a public institution and of building a genuine radio and television public service;

-          Monitoring and analyzing the contents of the program services of the national public broadcaster (Teleradio-Moldova) and of the regional public broadcaster (Teleradio-Gagauzia) through the prism of observing the legal provisions and the norms of professional ethics;

-          Monitoring the work of the broadcasting regulating authority through the prism of observing the law, the public interest, the broadcasters’ rights and freedoms.

  • Drafting proposals to improve the legal frame in the broadcasting sector in order to insure the good work of the Moldovan broadcasting

-          Drafting laws on regulating the work of the entire broadcasting sector from Moldova;

-          Providing expertise to the legal frame and to draft laws envisaging the broadcasting;

-          Organizing seminars and public debates on the conformity of the legal provisions with the principles and guidelines set out in the recommendations of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe;

-          Drafting recommendations viewing the adjustment of the national legal framework to the European standards;

-          Establishing partnerships with international organizations viewing the expertise of national laws, seeking solutions to current problems in the Moldovan broadcasting by inviting international experts.

  • Fighting undesirable phenomena in the mass-media, promoting freedom of media and of speech

-          Taking stances in cases of intimidating journalists and of journalists’ being inadequately treated by authorities by compiling case studies, granting assistance, spreading press releases and public statements;

-          Notifying authorities in charge, the national and international public on the problematic cases that may occur in the development of broadcasters;

-          Solidarity campaigns with professionals from free and independent media.

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