Media NGOs condemn the illegal actions of the “Victory March” participants against journalists and call on law enforcement bodies to punish the aggressors

The non-governmental media organizations condemn the illegal behavior of several participants in the event called “Victory March”, who physically and verbally assaulted at least two journalists who were exercising their mission of informing citizens about events of public interest. The signatory organizations request the competent authorities to sanction the persons responsible for such actions.

During the coverage of the event, a journalist from the portal, Nadejda Roșcovanu, as well as a reporter from the TV8 television station, Viorica Tataru, became the target of intimidation, insulting approaches and insults from some participants in the “Victory March”.

The signatory organizations condemn such defiant behavior, emphasizing that the actions of the participants in the demonstration constitute a violation of the right to bodily integrity of the person, individual freedom and safety, as well as an interference with the special rights guaranteed to journalists.

We note that, according to the Law on Freedom of Expression, the state guarantees the freedom of expression of the press, and the intentional illegal obstruction of the media’s activity attracts criminal liability. At the same time, we emphasize that the threat of harming bodily integrity or health, insult, as well as insulting the person in public places constitute acts criminalized by the legislation.

The signatory organizations vehemently condemn the illegal actions of individuals who have committed unclassifiable behavior in relation to the press and signal the inadmissibility of tolerating such violations.

  • Center for Independent Journalism
  • Media Guard Association
  • Association of Electronic Press
  • Association of Independent Press
  • “Access-Info” Center
  • Center for Journalistic Investigations
  • Association of Environmental Journalists and Ecological Tourism
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