Parliament approved the creation of the Center for Strategic Communication and Combating Disinformation

In its plenary session of July 31, the Parliament approved the establishment of the Center for Strategic Communication and Combating Disinformation, a legislative initiative of the President of Moldova Maia Sandu.

The Center will have the mission of strengthening cooperation between institutions in the fight against disinformation, manipulation of information and foreign interference, which pose a danger or may harm national security and jeopardize the achievement of national interests.

The measures carried out by the Centre, in relation to other authorities and the private sector, will have a recommendation character. The Center will have the right to submit to the public authorities’ proposals to modify the normative framework, but also to notify the legal authorities in case of detection of violations of the national legislation in the field.

The new entity will be led by a director, appointed by the Parliament, at the proposal of the head of state for a period of 5 years, based on a public competition. At the same time, a Council will be established within the Center, made up of 11 members, appointed by the public authorities and civil society, which will evaluate the activity of the institution.

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