Public consultations were launched on the draft methodologies for monitoring internal and external audiovisual pluralism

The Audiovisual Council (CA) has launched public consultations on the project Methodologies for monitoring and evaluating internal and external audiovisual pluralism in Moldova.

The two methodologies are important for the regulatory authority, which, by applying them, will be able to obtain more statistical data and indicators regarding, among other things, the competitive environment on the audiovisual market, the diversity of programs, the access and presence of different types of audiences to audiovisual content, according to the announcement placed on the website of the CA.

The deadline for the submission of proposals on the projects that can be consulted in the annex is September 4, 2023.

Media pluralism is a fundamental condition for the existence of a democracy and a key element of the media markets in the member states of the European Union. The existence and application of the methodologies regarding the external and internal pluralism of the mass media thus brings the candidate country Republic of Moldova closer to the standards of the European Union.

The projects of both methodologies were developed by APEL experts within a Project supported by International Media Support (IMS).

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