The activity report of the Audiovisual Council in 2022, examined in the Parliamentary Media Committee

The culture, education, research, youth, sport and mass media committee of the Parliament debated in a public meeting on March 28, 2023 the activity report for the year 2022 of the Audiovisual Council (CA).
According to the report presented to the members of the Commission, by the president of the CA Liliana Vițu-Eșanu, during the past year, the Council applied 447 sanctions to media service providers and distributors for non-compliance with the legislation that regulates the activity in the audiovisual field. It is about 235 fines totaling 2,340,000 lei and 212 public warnings.
95 sanctions were applied for violating Article 13 of the Audiovisual Media Services Code, which refers to ensuring correct information. At the same time, during 2022, CA members paid special attention to the way in which the topics about the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and about the security crisis in the region are publicized. CA members found that some TV stations did not provide correct information, violating the principles of good faith, impartiality, balance of opinions and separating facts from opinions. Consequently, 55 sanctions were applied in the total amount of 213,000 lei.
CA also initiated, ex officio, the control regarding the correctness with which the refugee theme was reflected or the decision to ban symbols that illustrate and justify military aggression. An ex officio monitoring was also initiated regarding the linguistic dress in the news and debate programs.
In the year 2023, the CA intends to continue emphasizing the observance of the provisions related to local audiovisual programs, the protection of the national audiovisual space, the provision of correct information, the observance of the legal regime of property, as well as the reflection of the local elections in 2023.


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