Alexandru Dorogan: For three decades, in the Republic of Moldova it was not possible to assert a free and especially independent press

During the 31 years of independence in our country, a mass media took shape, which oscillated between extremes, influenced by the political regimes. However, for three decades, it was not possible to assert a free and especially independent press, journalist and former director of the national radio station, Alexandru Dorogan, said in an interview for Radio Moldova.

According to the journalist, after independence, the media processes became much more complicated, a press divided into barricades took shape, and in some places, the mass media became much more responsible. “We have a great freedom for the press, but we do not have a free press, because, in my opinion, I see the dependence of certain means, especially audiovisual media service providers and certain agencies. You open them and see who they depend on. That’s sad. After so many years of independence of the Republic of Moldova in which, however, I categorically state that conditions for a free press, from the point of view of the law, have been created, and from the point of view of the responsibility of journalists, I believe that we have a lot to learn“, said Alexandru Dorogan.

One of the problems in the media space in our country is the rush for the audience, and from the desire to be the first and without checking the sources, fake news is born, according to Alexandru Dorogan. “How credible is the service that informs you, on the other hand, it also depends on the consumer. In large part, we probably need to grow this consumer who chooses. The rush for the final product ignores the public interest. it only ensures the public interest. I want as many consumers as possible, while the public interest is the interest of the whole society. It is sadder when some media services intentionally direct their consumers, through the product they have, to fakes. They trap their consumers, they create an audience through fake news, the great result of unfair competition”, said Alexandru Dorogan.

Traditional means of information will not lose their competition, with the development of new media, as the quality of the product is paramount, says Alexandru Dorogan. The journalist specifies that the public’s interest in radio will not disappear. “It’s just that the radio product needs to be provided with different forms of distribution to reach the consumer through different channels. I listen to Radio Moldova, it is a station that can be listened to, I like the news, you have good news and Radio Moldova has a future.”

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