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Dear friends,

Since 1999, Association of Electronic Press (APEL) has contributed considerably to the improvement of media legislation and to the development and proper functioning of the audiovisual field, print media, online media and various types of new media in Moldova, based on democratic practices and according to professional standards.
During this period, APEL was basically supported through various projects by several international organizations, for which we are grateful. We have each time fulfilled our missions properly and reported to donors transparently about what we have achieved. A summary of the activities carried out by our Association can be found here.
Those who are not indifferent to the evolution of Moldovan civil society, have the opportunity to support APEL even further through donations. Thus, our activity will be even more efficient, and those who have decided to support us will be able to control how their money is spent, by accessing the Activity Reports compartment.

Required information to make a donation
IDNO | Fiscal Code: 1014620001988
IBAN account for donations in MDL: MD14VI225100000104231MDL
IBAN account for donations in EUR: MD43VI000222401700104231EUR
IBAN account for donations in USD: MD33VI000000002224403538USD
BC „Victoriabank” S.A., Branch no.3, Chișinău
Bank code: VICBMD2X416

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