Discussions about the Lack of a Program for Implementing the National Concept for Mass Media Development. | Ion Bunduchi:  “First, We Start Going, and Then, We Think About Our Destination”

For more than four years after the National Concept for Mass Media Development in the Republic of Moldova was voted in the final reading, though it was supposed to be a reference document for public policies in this sphere, the authorities have not approved any program or action plan for implementing this Concept. Liliana Nicolaescu-Onofrei, President of the Parliamentary Commission in Charge of the Media Sphere, declared during the Mass Media Forum 2022 that the program and the action plan remained a priority for the current session of the legislative authority.

The National Concept for Mass Media Development in the Republic of Moldova was voted back in June 2018. Within six months since the Law on Approval of the Concept entered into force, the authorities had to develop and approve a program of steps aimed at implementing the document, as well as an action plan. The government changed over time, and a program and an action plan indicating clear directions for mass media development have not been approved. “It all has happened in the Republic of Moldova, and here in Moldova, first, we start going, and then, we think about our destination. I mean, first, we have all sorts of experiences, and afterwards, we realize that it was probably better to think about our common vision, what we intended to do, and where we wanted to arrive. Therefore, our progress is zigzag-like, or even one step forward and two steps back”, emphasized Ion Bunduchi, president of the Board of Directors of the Association of Electronic Press.

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