Media NGOs condemn the illegal restrictions imposed by the Tiraspol regime on the press

Non-governmental media organizations condemn the perpetuation of abusive and illegal practices on the part of Tiraspol in relation to journalists and ask the constitutional authorities of the Republic of Moldova to ensure its citizens the rights and freedoms guaranteed by law.

On September 21, photojournalist Elena Covalenco was informed of an entry ban on the territory of the Transnistrian region. The separatist authorities in the Transnistrian region declared Elena Covalenco “undesirable” for a period of three years, in the context in which this July the journalist had documented a report in Tiraspol.

We warn the legitimate authorities of the Republic of Moldova about the seriousness of the interference with human rights and freedoms, guaranteed at the national and international level, both through the violation of individual liberties and the safety of people, as well as through the interference with the special rights guaranteed to journalists.

We ask the legitimate authorities of the Republic of Moldova to take note of these defiant practices and to take the necessary measures to ensure the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the press law.

  • Center for Independent Journalism
  • Association of Independent Press
  • Association of Electronic Press
  • Center for Investigative Journalism
  • Committee for Freedom of the Press
  • Media-Guard Association
  • “Access-Info” Center
  • Association of Environmental Journalists and Ecological Tourism
  • RISE Moldova
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