Media NGOs condemn the inappropriate behavior of Minister Vladimir Bolea, who used uncensored expressions towards a journalist

Non-governmental media organizations condemn the inadmissible attitude of the Minister of Agriculture and Food Industry, Vladimir Bolea, in relation to the journalist who asked him questions at the press conference on Thursday, September 14, and who was cursed by the official.

More precisely, while the reporter asked him whether the state provides aid for farmers who grow apples, Minister Vladimir Bolea launched uncensored expressions at the journalist, which harm the honor and dignity of the person and go against the norms of conduct generally accepted in a society democratic.

The signatory organizations express their outrage at this defiant behavior and consider such language incompatible with the position of minister.

We request the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova, Dorin Recean, to ensure the disciplinary responsibility of Minister Vladimir Bolea, according to the attribution provided by art. 22 para. (2), lit. j) of the Law on the Government.

We vehemently condemn the manifestation of any forms of intolerance in relation to journalists and media institutions and urge all dignitaries to adopt decent language and behavior in relation to the press.

  • Center for Independent Journalism
  • Independent Press Association
  • Electronic Press Association
  • Center for Investigative Journalism
  • “Access-Info” Center
  • Media-Guard Association
  • RISE Moldova
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