A Guide for Media Service Providers has been launched

The Guide for audiovisual media service providers regarding the Audiovisual Media Services Code appeared in Chisinau, with the support of the Council of Europe. The authors of the publication are media experts Ion Bunduchi and Vasile State.

The purpose of the publication is a better understanding of the provisions of the Audiovisual Media Services Code.

“It is known that even the best law does not work by itself, but by the actions of people. And for the actions to achieve the objectives pursued by the law, the law must first be understood, both its letter and its spirit”, the authors of the Guide claim.

The publication, with a volume of 48 pages, has a question-answer structure and includes 54 questions from representatives of media service providers and answers from experts.

See more details here: https://go.coe.int/BMcb6

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