Salary system of “Teleradio Moldova” is in a period of transition

The salary system at the public company “Teleradio Moldova” is in a period of transition. The old pay grades model was annulled, while the new one hasn’t been yet fully implemented and the employees are dissatisfied as they receive a low honorarium even if the salary was officially increased. Such a conclusion was reached by experts of the Electronic Press Association APEL, who produced a report after monitoring the implementation of reforms at the national public broadcaster.

According to the acting executive director of APEL Vasile State, the old salary system provided for the payment of honoraria of over 50% of the salary. Now the salary was raised, but the honoraria were annulled so that the employees receive much lower pays. “The new salary system envisions the payment of bonuses, but its implementation is delayed,” Vasile State said in a news conference at IPN.

Under the policy plan, the system of bonuses was to be implemented from July 1. A possible cause for the delay is the crisis period through which the public TV channel went as it didn’t have a director. The salary system should be implemented all over the institution as some of the subdivisions underwent institutional structural reforms at a high pace, while others at a lower pace, said Vasile State.

APEL expert Corneliu Rusnac said the normative documents regulating the payment of salaries and the calculation of bonuses are imprecise as there is a lack of concordance and the classification is incorrect.

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