Moldova Media Forum 2023, the main topics of debate

The eighth edition of the Moldova Media Forum will take place on December 4 and 5, 2023 in Chisinau. The Media Forum is convened annually to debate the problems of the Moldovan journalistic community and promote solutions to strengthen editorial independence and mass media quality.

The agenda of the 2023 edition of the  Media Forum includes three debates on the situation of the mass media in our country, public trust in the press and the influence of disinformation on democracy, in which journalists and experts from the country and abroad, representatives of public institutions and authorities will participate regulation. Innovative approaches in a small newsroom, the costs of editorial independence, artificial intelligence tools that can be used in journalism – these are the themes of the workshops that will be held by experts from Lithuania, Romania and Germany. At one of the special events of the Forum, the principles of peace journalism will be discussed together with an expert from the USA. The country’s top leadership, some foreign ambassadors and donor representatives were invited to the opening session.

As a result of the debates and thematic workshops, the Resolution of the Mass-Media Forum 2023 will be adopted and will be sent to national authorities, foreign representations and embassies, organizations and experts that monitor the democratic development of the Republic of Moldova.

Several award ceremonies for journalists will also take place at the Mass-Media Forum. Thus, the Press Council will hand out the National Award for Journalistic Ethics and Deontology for 2023.

The Moldova Mass-Media Forum is organized annually by the Press Council, in partnership with the Association of Independent Press (API), the Center for Independent Journalism (CJI) and the Association of Electronic Press (APEL).

The Mass-Media Forum 2023 is held with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for South-Eastern Europe (Germany), the Soros Foundation Moldova and the DW Akademie.

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