Monitoring of political and electoral actors presence on the main television channels in 2009

The Association of Electronic Press implemented the project “Monitoring the presence of political/electoral actors on the main television channels during the pre-electoral, electoral and post-electoral period of the 2009 parliamentary elections”.

The project was carried out by APEL with the support of the Delegation of the European Commission in the Republic of Moldova within the framework of the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights.

The project aimed to contribute to the creation of conditions for ensuring a free, fair, transparent and democratic electoral process in 2009 and to the formation of professional skills on television to present political and electoral actors in an equidistant, impartial and balanced way in news and current affairs programs, socio-political current events and televised debates.

For this purpose, the programs broadcast by 8 TV stations were monitored:

  • EuTV
  • NIT
  • N4
  • Prime
  • Pro TV
  • TV 7
  • TVC 21
  • 2 Plus

The project budget was EUR 120,530, the donor’s contribution being EUR 94,750.

At the end of the project, APEL experts have drawn up a final report that includes findings on the monitored content segments, databases, as well as a series of conclusions and recommendations for television stations, political actors, CCA, CO of Teleradio-Moldova Company and the Electoral Central Commission.

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