The media subsidy fund will be created in Moldova

The legislative initiative regarding the Subsidy Fund in the field of media was developed by deputies of the parliamentary majority in collaboration with the expert group on the improvement of media legislation.

According to the authors, the creation of the Subsidy Fund will contribute to the development of media pluralism, the support of cultural, educational and media literacy projects, the encouragement of the approach in the mass media of subjects and problems in the fields of general social interest, the support of journalistic investigations in matters of public interest, strengthening the editorial and economic independence of the mass media.

The Fund’s budget will be made up of annual allocations from the state budget, donations, sponsorships and grants offered by individuals and/or legal entities, other financial sources not prohibited by law.

The media institutions that will benefit from the subsidies will be selected through a competition by an expert council composed of seven members, of which four are appointed by the Press Council, and one each from the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Finance.

To be eligible, media institutions will have to meet several conditions – registration in the State Register of Legal Entities, compliance with the Code of Ethics, at least one year of activity experience, lack of sanctions and others.
The law will enter into force at the expiration of the term of 3 months from the date of publication in the Official Gazette of Moldova.

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