World Press Freedom Day 2023 | Memorandum on Press Freedom in Moldova

The non-governmental media organizations (NGOs) point out that several problems affecting the media—reduced resilience during crises, the lack of financial sustainability, difficulties accessing information, and the erosion of public trust in information—persist and need to be effectively and promptly addressed.

These findings are reflected in the Memorandum on Press Freedom in the Republic of Moldova for the period May 3, 2022–May 3, 2023, a document launched on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day proclaimed by the UN General Assembly three decades ago.

The memorandum highlights minor improvements in some segments that influence the social mission of the media; however, that progress cannot be classified as a stable trend. The signatories of the document note the harmful effects of the tense political, social, and economic context during the reference period on the activity of a free and independent press.

The 9 NGOs that signed the memorandum also noted that the attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine increased the vulnerability of the information space of the Republic of Moldova to hybrid threats; the authorities must streamline their policies and interventions to restore and protect it.

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