The national media development program for the years 2023 – 2026, approved by the Parliament

The Parliament voted in the plenary session on Friday, July 7, the project regarding the approval of the National Media Development Program for the years 2023-2026 and the Action Plan on its implementation. Both documents were developed within the working group for the improvement of media legislation coordinated by APEL through a Project supported by International Media Support (IMS).

The drafts of the National Media Development Program for the years 2023-2026 and the Action Plan on its implementation were developed with the aim of implementing coherent public policies in the field of mass media, which would strengthen the role of the media system in ensuring the constitutional right to information and in strengthening a democratic society.

The objective of this legislative initiative is to create an effective regulatory framework for the regulation of mass media activity, as well as the creation of a legal-economic framework to ensure the management of this field under the conditions of the market economy and fair competition.

At the same time, the Action Plan regarding the implementation of the Program includes a set of measures that are necessary to ensure a framework conducive to the sustainable development of the mass media in the Republic of Moldova based on democratic and European principles. Each responsible entity will identify and plan the financial funds necessary to achieve the Action Plan, both from its own budgetary sources and from accessing the assistance offered by development partners.

The project was developed to fulfill the provisions of Law no. 67/2018, by which the National Media Development Concept of the Republic of Moldova was approved.


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